It is an honor to have the support of the following local community leaders and individuals for Joe’s campaign for Shoreline School Board:

Jesse Salomon, State Senator, 32nd District.

Lauren Davis, State Representative, 32nd District

Cindy Ryu, State Representative, 32nd District

Javier Valdez, State Representative, 46th District.

Gerry Pollet, State Representative, 46th District

Rod Dembowski, King County Council Chair

Claudia Balducci, King County Councilmember

Keith McGlashan, Former Mayor of Shoreline, Shoreline City Councilmember

Claudia Kauffman, Former State Senator, 47th Legislative District

Stephanie Wright, Snohomish County Councilmember

Adam Cornell, Snohomish County Prosecutor

Shari Winstead, Former Mayor, City of Shoreline

Andy Clark

Amanda Scott

Rene Murry

Julian Wheeler

Byron and Diane Wilson

I will listen to your ideas and provide forums for discussions and debate.  I will make decisions not just in immediate need, but with an eye toward the future.  I want to make our Shoreline schools the best they can be – together we can make a difference!  I humbly ask for your vote!
— JOE CUNNINGHAM, Shoreline School Director Candidate